Kerish Doctor Review: Improving Windows PC Performance

A complex operating system like Windows requires equally advanced tools to ensure proper maintenance. Choosing these tools carefully helps ensure a Perfect performance, and to intervene in the important aspects that prevent a series of common problems of the computer on which various programs are installed. One of the most recommended programs for a complete maintenance of our computer is Dr. KrishIt is the program that we will present to you in detail in this article.

Dr. Krish It is a complete software for maintaining computers running any version of the Windows operating system. Among the features included, it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Real-time OS crash prevention.

It is also useful for Improve the overall performance of the computer, thus favoring a more immersive gaming experience or better internet browsing. At the same time, it protects your computer from malware and any They are software downloaded from the Internet. Last but not least, it removes unwanted or outdated cache files, monitors computer temperature along with many other features, which we will carefully analyze in our website. reconsidering.

Key features of Kerish Doctor

First, here is the link to download the free evaluation version:

downloads | Dr. Krish

Once the program is installed and launched, Kerish Doctor presents a home screen with the main features of the product: Maintenance workAnd the hardware screensAnd the Statistics and reportsAnd the Tools.

In the department “Maintenance work” The most important functions of the program are included. Among them are Full disk scanDelete useless files, check for the latest updates, and general PC optimization.

During “monitoring devices” Instead, you have a choice Temperature monitoring For a complete set of computer components, such as the CPU, motherboard, and video card. Moreover, it is also possible to check for any abnormalities in the cooling system.

Doctor Kirish Monitor

The Commission “Statistics and Reports” Provides full report on Kerish Doctor’s workflow and Files are scanned in real time. Thanks to a very easy-to-read graph, users always have the status of threats and repaired files under control.

Kerish Doctor Statistics and Reports

Then there is oath “Tools”, which includes the full list of tools provided by the program. Among other things, with Kerish Doctor it is possible to control and modify the programs that run at Windows startup, to delete files and folders in a safe and irreversible way, Delete sensitive user information Check open ports on your computer.

Kerish Tools Dr

Collision prevention

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the coolest features of Kerish Doctor is Real-time prevention of Windows crashes.

To do this, the program includes Real-Time Failure Detection System technology, which monitors Windows settings, system registry, status of operating system components, and driver information.

If the system detects a risky situation, due to which Windows may crash, Kerish Doctor immediately sends a notification to the user containing a warning about what is happening.

Kerish Doctor Windows Crash Prevention

at the moment Kerish Doctor even manages to intervene:

  • Keyboard, mouse and CD/DVD drive errors
  • System services crash
  • Malfunction in Windows Administration Tools
  • Abnormal closing of the Task Manager
  • Errors during the recovery of the operating system
  • Malfunction of the printer and keyboard function keys
  • Unable to discover new devices
  • Desktop disappears

Full scan of the computer

To perform a full PC scan with Kerish Doctor, you just need to enter the section “Maintenance work” And click on the link “full scan” under “diagnosis”.

Kerish Doctor PC scan

The length of the process depends on how many programs are installed on your computer and how many files are on the disk, but it usually takes less than five minutes to complete.

The program’s scan covers 32 items on your computer. Once done, click the button “next one” To see any items to fix, then press the button “by fix” to complete the process.

Kerish Doctor Full Scan for Windows

Clean up useless files

Another important feature of Kerish Doctor is Clean junk filesthe tool included in the section “diagnosis through the window “Maintenance work”. Unlike other similar programs, the process takes into account the date the file was last accessed, in order to avoid the risk of accidentally deleting application files and temporary system files. So Kerish Doctor ensures a Safe and accurate cleaning.

Kerish Doctor clean up useless files

To delete useless files with Kerish Doctor, press Clean junk files From the main screen, select the items to be analyzed, then tap “start scanning”And the “next one” And the “by fix”.

Kerist Doctor starts scanning junk files

Kirish Doctor Fix Junk Files

Internet boosters

Another feature included in Kerish Doctor is Internet boosters, the ideal tool for optimizing your Internet connection settings, in order to get the highest possible speed. Function “internet boosters” Available on tab “Maintenance work” under oath “to improve”.

Kerish Doctor Internet Booster

The process is very simple. click “internet boosters” From the main Kerish Doctor screen (see image above), select your internet connection speed by adding a dot next to the various options available, then click “next one” to complete.

Configure Kerish Doctor Internet Booster

After a few moments, the program will return a long list of network parameters, along with recommended values ​​to get the most out of your Internet connection. To improve the latter, it is now enough to press the button “to improve” It is located at the bottom right.

Kerish Doctor Internet Booster Optimize

Benefits of Kerish Doctor

Let’s now summarize the main advantages of Kerish Doctor over other similar programs:

  • It works in real time: Once installed, Kerish Doctor works autonomously and in real time, providing complete computer maintenance without the need for manual user intervention;
  • cutting edge technologies: Behind the many functions contained in the computer maintenance program, there are advanced technologies not found in competing programs (for the full list, see the applicable technologies page in Kerish Doctor);
  • Continuous updatesTo maintain the highest level of efficiency, developers of Kerish Doctor are always working to provide updated and secure software against new web threats;
  • Free trialTo test the software’s features, you can take advantage of a 15-day free trial.

How much is Krish Doctor?

Kerish Doctor offers three types of license: annualAnd the Every two yearsAnd the every three years. Each license is valid for three computers and includes free updates and technical support. The prices are very cheap for the amount of improvements and maintenance features in this program.

Here the the prices:

  • License for 1 year: 12.15 euros
  • Two-year license: 19.50 euros
  • 3-year license: 24.35 euros


During our testing, Kerish Doctor behaved excellently, confirming all of that Positive opinions on the program on the Internet. For its part, it has the distinction of being a very simple program to use, even above all for those with little – if not scarce – knowledge of computers.

Moreover, to the many features it provides to the user, it also adds real-time activity, with timely alerts via notifications if threats or vulnerabilities are found.

Proper software maintenance of our computer also ensures a longer life of the components of our computer, which are often subject to enormous stress, when there are computer processes that use all the resources of our computer, which causes overheating, for example the processor and leads to Louder noise due to faster cooling fan rotation.

Moreover, having a more flexible and fast computer helps to increase one’s productivity, and this is also a very important factor in which a software like Kerish Doctor becomes essential.


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