Keanu Reeves’ character could die

John Wick: Chapter 4, Bill Skarsgård’s villain, the Marquess of Gramont, talks a little more about his character’s rivalry with Keanu Reeves’ character, as Bill Skarsgård tells Total Film about his character. He describes the Marquis as a young man of unknown origin who rose rapidly through the ranks of the High Table. He added that the character is the town’s new sheriff, determined to get rid of John Wick once and for all.

Bill Skarsgård sees him as someone out of the gutter who appreciates the fancy suits he wears. He acts as the new sheriff who decides to get rid of John Wick once and for all. He is old and tired. The Marquis therefore presents him with a solution. It is to be the one who kills Baba Yaga to keep his position and power within the high table.


To secure a good career, there is no such thing as an ordinary assassination. It may seem like a relatively simple motive, but it is necessarily the complexity of these storylines that makes John Wick shine the most. Rather, it is in the image of Dan Laustsen and his flying action.

The cast for Chapter 4 features the return of various actors and new cast members. As Winston, Karon and Bowery King, this will be his fourth time appearing in the previous three John Wick films.

new face

Just days after John Wick 3: Parabellum hit theaters, the fourth chapter of the John Wick franchise was quickly announced due to the success of the franchise, which included a spinoff starring Ana de Armas. Former stuntman Chad Stahelski returns to directing. Written by Michael Finch (“Predators”).

And Shay Hutten will resume pen alongside Keanu Reeves, who will take over the lead role. As new faces, martial arts greats such as Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Clancy Brown, Marco Zaror, and Natalia Thena from the Yip His Man franchise greet viewers. Stay tuned until March 22nd for more information.


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