Journalists, institutions and athletes with Magna Carta against violence against women

It will be there tomorrow, Friday November 25th International Day against Violence against Women. The appointment is one of the most important at the political level to denounce feminicide and lift the veil, but also against the physical and psychological violence women are subjected to. The basis MagnaCarta has launched its own initiative on the occasion of this day, in which personalities from institutions, athletes, journalists and intellectuals are involved. He collected video testimonies and interventions dedicated to the subject, without focusing only on the Italian question, but broadening his view, which this year is invariably focused on Iran and the peaceful protests of women (and men) who be bloodily suppressed.

Tomorrow at 10am the video made to denounce the serious abuses against women at international level will be published on the Foundation’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Among the interventions is also that of the Minister for Family, Birth Rate and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Rockella. The editor-in-chief of newspaper, Victor Macioce, the writer Miriam D’Ambrosio, the Olympic champions Marco Marin and Margherita Granbassi. As evident from the names chosen for their contribution, we would like to emphasize that the fight against violence against women is not a gender issue, but also sees men alongside women asking, as is happening in Iran, for more attention and justice.

In fact, the initiative, promoted by the Magna Carta Foundation, aims to raise public awareness of this issue, above all by pointing out the major criticisms that the latter experience in the contexts that should give them the opportunity to express themselves and themselves to realize. But the video is not an initiative for its own sake, it is also an opportunity to reflect Iranian situationwhere incidents of violence against women have sparked a range of responses and led to increasingly frequent non-violent protests that have been violently repressed.

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