Joker: Ban arrives on Twitch for well-known content creator

tWith his Instagram stories, the famous YouTuber and Streamer Joker confirmed his ban from the Twitch platform: let’s find out all the details together

The Twitch platform and its community, both Italian and international, have grown exponentially in recent years, inevitably becoming a point of reference for all fans of broadcasting and video games. directly owned by amazon, Twitch allows all Amazon Prime holders to sign up for a subscription, absolutely free of charge, which replace those normally available for the various channels. And what could go wrong, in the online world, when it comes to subscriptions, money, and… bots?

Indeed, in recent days, the purple site community has only been talking about bot subscriptions: what are they? These are prime memberships that are generated using bots, aggregated and donated in bulk to a specific streamer. Twitch clearly disallows certain practices and penalizes those who use them with the most popular, but increasingly useful tool at their disposal: channel bans. The same treatment appears to have also been received by Joker, a well known Italian streamer and brother of Cicciogamer89which after shadowban (which does not allow users to find the affected channel through search engines, but only access it via a direct link) and after losing the partnership with Twitch, found itself banned directly.

Joker and the ban on Twitch: between complaints and demands for clarity

All this has been confirmed by the Joker himself through his Instagram profile, but the creator has not been the only one who has been “stalked” from Twitch in recent days. However, it is the streamers, devoid of everything, to complain about most of all Difficulty connecting to platform assistance And the fact that they were not warned about a similar procedure clearly puts their monthly income at risk.

We will see if Joker will be able in the next few hours to contact Twitch support to solve this blocking problem, at the moment the channel is not accessible from any search engine, and if you try to access via a direct link, you will get the screen that you see in the middle of the right through Article. Let us know what you think of the controversy below in the comments, and we’ll keep you updated with all our tech-themed video game news, guides, reviews, and news! And if you are interested in gaming keys at premium prices, we recommend that you take a look at our Instant Games catalog!

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