Jailbroken Cydia wants to force Apple to unlock iOS

US Justice believes that Cydia’s lawsuit against Apple can legitimately continue its course. A couple of years ago, the platform, which often looks like an app store for iPhones and iPads, was jailbroken (that is, unlocked to allow you to install software from external sources), He sued Apple for misconduct.

Cydia’s lawyers privately believe that between 2018 and 2021 Apple implemented software tools intended to penalize apps distributed outside of the official App Store. Tried and unfair practice according to it.

On the contrary, Apple’s lawyers asked the US courts to dismiss the complaint, arguing that the arguments of Cydia developer Jay Freeman were “Stipulated” And the “Outdated” According to comments reported by 9to5Mac. This attempt did not bear fruit. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Thursday denied Apple’s appeal to dismiss Cydia’s lawsuit.

Lawsuit to force Apple to unlock iOS

This antitrust lawsuit could seriously handicap Apple if it were to result in a conviction. Indeed, Cydia’s goal is radical: to force Apple to open up iOS to allow third-party developers to distribute their apps outside the App Store, but also to allow them to use alternative payment methods for Apple’s solutions. Claims similar to those of Epic Games, have also been involved in a legal battle against Apple.

As 9to5Mac will recall, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has already ruled against Apple in at least one of Cydia and Epic Games’ two major claims. Notably last year, the judge had decided, through a permanent injunction, that Apple could no longer in the future prevent developers from redirecting their users to third-party payment systems.

Either way, Apple has until mid-June to respond to Cydia’s allegations. So far, the company has mostly defended the closed aspect of its ecosystem by making sure it has a way to make it happen Protect iOS users from potential malware. An argument that may have its day in the eyes of American justice.

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