“I’ve done everything there was to do…”

Since Thursday, he has been fighting tooth and nail to try and get back the money that was deducted from his accounts by thieves. An amount of approximately 12,000 euros from his checking account, his savings account and his Mastercard. Suffice it to say that the stress has been enormous for Fabien Feront, from Malmedy, since this horrific accident. When we met him on Thursday, he was frankly annoyed, especially since the first contacts with his bank, Belfius in Malmedy, had not gone very well.

Fortunately, he got good news in the meantime.

“Everything came back on my current and savings accounts,” he explains. It is not really due to the behavior of the bank, he believes. “That’s because I called where the money was transferred to to explain the situation. »

Some payments are also automatically blocked. He ran after the others.

Despite everything, he still has a thorn in his side, and a saint: Mastercard. “Until then, the money was reserved but not withdrawn. On Friday at the bank they told me not to worry, that it was settled, but this Monday the money was no longer in reserve, it has left. These are around € 4,000. It’s not finished. »

Fabien Feront continues his steps to ensure that he does not have to pay back this money that has been charged to his credit card and does not belong to him. As of Wednesday, his Mastercard’s problem has still not been resolved. “We are taking steps with the bank, but it is blocking. We just learned that it’s the bank that should file a complaint with Mastercard, not me. It is tiring. I did everything there was to do. Eventually I will have to get a lawyer. »

The Malmédien was the victim of spoofing. The criminals who robbed him posed as his bank. If the process is very common over email, it’s less so over the phone. However, his phone showed the number of the Malmedian bank.

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