“It’s worth over 300,000 euros”. Totti’s “crazy” expenses for Noemi

The secret of when Totti gave the ring that stands out on Noemi Bocchi’s ring finger is of little interest to gossip fans. All attention is drawn to the value of the jewel that the 34-year-old Roman flaunted on the arm of Francesco Totti in Qatar at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony in her first public appearance.

The weekly newspaper who, who was the first to publish the photos of the precious, spoke of a five-carat diamond whose rare heart shape alone would be worth the numerous zeros that the Pupone would have spent to give it to his partner. “A ring with a diamond that makes you dream,” writes Alfonso Signorini’s magazine, “worthy of a royal couple,” and which the former Roma captain appears to have bought last December from a trusted jeweler on Via del Gambero in Rome.

The owner of the jeweler, Eleonora Mantini, claimed the “motherhood” of the sweetheart and shared on her official Instagram page the shot of Totti and Noemi in Qatar and the photo that the Roman woman sent her immediately after receiving the gift from Pupone. However, the same ring had already appeared on the profile more than a year ago (January 2021) on the hand of an extraordinary model, Andrea Damante’s girlfriend, the young actress Elisa Visari. But there is no trace of this treasure in the online shop.

How much is Naomi’s ring?

However, curiosity surrounding the ring is all about the cost Totti incurred to win. magazine who didn’t quantify it Pricebut loud courier The jewel would be worth over 300,000 euros and would not be five carats, but at least seven (for size). “The owner, Eleonora Mantini, closes in secret when questioned‘ clarifies the newspaper, which explains: “But apparently it would be a refined and custom-made piece of jewelery for Noemi. According to the experts we consulted, the conceivable value is around 300,000 euros.”. The precious one would have been accompanied by one just as expensive Necklace and matching earrings, all unveiled at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony a few days ago. In short, Lady Bocchi, as defined by many, seems to have become (voluntarily or not) the new Queen of Rome.

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