It’s the king of rugged phones: we tried the Doogee S96GT

Doogee differs from other smaller Chinese companies because it manages to offer inexpensive products that work well overall and sometimes even offer a good overall user experience. So we decided to try it too Doogee S96GTan armored smartphone with a striking design that manages to offer good software, good hardware and a pleasant and satisfying user experience, despite being robust with all the limitations of MediaTek platforms.

Hardware & Connectivity

It is already evident that the Doogee S96GT is a smartphone with substance data sheetthat is complete and balanced in the right place. It can calculate with a technical data sheet of a perfect mid-range smartphone, except for the display with just enough resolution:

  • 6.22-inch display with a resolution of 720×1520 pixels;
  • SoC MediaTek Helio G95 with 2.1 GHz octa-core CPU;
  • 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD;
  • rear camera with four sensors from 48, 20, 8 and 2 MP;
  • 32 MP front camera;
  • 6350mAh battery with 24W fast charge and 15W wireless charging;
  • Android 12 operating system;
  • Dual SIM connectivity, 4G with B20, Bluetooth 5, dual-band WiFi, USB Type-C, A-GPS, NFC, FM radio, GLONASS, OTG, Beidou, 3.5mm audio and Galileo;
  • Sensors: Gravity, Proximity, Brightness, Fingerprint, Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Notification LED.

A technical sheet, as you can see, complete and well balanced, for a 360 degree use of the smartphone. There’s even connectivity support NFC for digital payments, fingerprint reader, wireless charging and FM radio.

Telephone part and antennas

Nothing to say, it works well in every way. The sound in the ear capsule is loud and clear Phone reception is good and without problems and Bluetooth, A-GPS, NFC and Wi-Fi work well. Nothing to report, everything works well and is within the norm for its category.


The Doogee S96GT Plus does quite well here too. The hardware is good and this is reflected in the performance and use of the software: the Doogee S96GT is quite fast and responsive, never showing any slowdowns and everything runs correctly and with extreme pleasure, obviously in relation to its data sheet. In everyday use it shows no problems. And it’s not bad either fingerprint reader because with dry hands it always recognizes the fingerprint and even unlocks the smartphone quite quickly; and then it supports many useful and functional gestures, all of which work responsively.

Ergonomics, design & materials

Well, there is very little to say about the Doogee S96GT here. It’s a true rugged phone, so it’s ugly, very ugly, big, heavy, and very well built. It’s not a one-handed smartphone that’s striking in its elegance, but it’s built of plastic, glass, and metal and feels like a real brick in your hand. Its dimensions are 167 x 81.4 x 15.5 mm and its weight is 560 g; Yes, it weighs more than half a kilo. However, it must be said that it is a tank, which conveys solidity and durability over time. It’s really solid and very well assembled, complete with caps and gaskets for IP68 certification, and it seems indestructible, so much so Use in thunderstorms, under water and in the shower is no problem for him and dropped from a height of more than 1 meter.

Displays, Audio & Multimedia

The Doogee S96GT features a beautiful 6.22-inch front display protected by sturdy bezels and glass Gorilla Glasswhich provides a sufficient definition, a very high brightness and good color calibration. Nothing to say because it’s a good display for the price range, even in direct sunlight, but the resolution isn’t great and the content appears slightly blurry up close. And on the same wavelength is the large rear speaker, which offers a high, fairly clear sound with very pronounced treble.


It loses enough in the photographic field, although on paper it offers a rear camera with four sensors, the main of which is 48 MP. Doogee S96GT Plus, indeed, It’s not a smartphone designed for photography and video, although he is not doing so badly. It has a MediaTek camera application with all its usual drawbacks (including slow focus, slow shutter speed and a tendency to overexpose bright parts) that manages to take adequate photos in good lighting and mediocre if you use the very powerful LED flash . Unfortunately, the photos almost always have colors that are not too strong, a resolution that is not very high, and varying levels of noise. The same goes for videos, but they are recorded with good stabilization and fairly loud sound. Nothing tragic for the social media and for quick memories, but it’s good not to expect a quality photo sector. It’s still a rugged phone, after all, so it has to do something else at its best.

Battery & autonomy

The Doogee S96GT is a champion in this regard and the credit is undoubtedly its 6350mAh battery without taking anything away from Doogee. It records over 8-9 hours of display on any type of usage without too many tricks. It offers the usual standard power saving settings with Android 12, but these are practically useless given the battery capacity. Highlight because it is a revolution for the type of product, the presence of fast charging via USB-C cable at 24 watts and the Wireless charging at 15 watts.


Good and bad of Doogee S96GT because there are good and bad aspects. It spins Android 12 with good responsiveness and speed and offers software that includes those official google applications complete with certification, the usual MediaTek customizations, and the usual non-English-translated parts. It’s pretty fast, responsive, and hardly ever shows any slowdowns, so it’s running pretty well. In addition to what has been said, since we are talking about the usual software that runs on MediaTek chipsets, we must add some aspects that we really liked: there is the Face Unlock, which works reasonably well in well-lit environments, there are very useful gestures on the fingerprint reader to go back and home, answer the phone, take photos and other operations that work really well, and an application that contains a compass, spirit level, protractor, magnifying glass and other useful tools, for example during a hike or on a construction site. There is also a pedometer to track steps taken. So the Doogee S96GT is a rugged phone inside and out little software tricks that are certainly useful and noticeable. The system is therefore not bad, also considering Android 12 and the hardware it runs on, and it has everything you need, it works well, it has no bugs, it’s fast enough to be used with pleasure , and it is appreciated, but it has the usual defect called MediaTek, which means that approximate integrations of things, parts in English and half translated, useless things and the management of some hardware components, like the camera, are very mediocre.


The Doogee S96GT is a smartphone that performs very well and does everything it promises super autonomy, good specsa fast and complete software and the plus in shock and water resistance. It does not offer a quality photographic sector, but it was not born for it. Its only real limitation is its external appearance, ie its design, weight and dimensions, since it is not a product suitable for everyone and for youth and everyday use; But obviously are those who are interested because they are looking for this type of product for a very specific and do not need a smartphone for every day, also because they weigh almost 600 grams. Doogee S96GT is available for purchase Amazon Priced at 349.99 euros, which can be Discount of 60 euros with the 50 euro voucher to be selected on Amazon and the RUESYCJT voucher which reduces the price in the cart by 10 euros.

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