Its executive producer is favorable to the re-release

Steve Lysette, executive producer at Sumo Digital, said he was in favor of a re-release Sonic & All-Stars Racing has transformed on current consoles. This would allow a SEGA title to shake up the Mario Kart totem again.

several days ago, Sonic & All-Stars Racing has transformed Blow out her ten candles. In fact, on November 16, 2012, the British company Sumo Digital delivered its Europe-reviewed copy to Europe. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. The result was amazing, and after the first versions released on PS3 and Xbox 360 and then Wii U and PS Vita, the game had its best setup on PC the following year. 3DS, iOS, and Android versions will follow.

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Ten years later, what’s left of Sonic & All-Stars Racing has transformed ? First of all, a title that we continue to use as a reference even after the release Sonic Racing Team. Especially on PC, where it regularly sells for an unfortunate 5 euros and has no equivalent.

Is Sonic & All-Stars Racing a remake on current consoles? With more characters and circles?

For this 10-year anniversary, Mega Visions spoke at length with Steve Lycett, Executive Producer of the Sonic Racing series at Sumo Digital. The guy went back to the development of Transformed at length, telling us, among other things, that initially it was planned that players could change vehicles at any time during the race. Except they all ended up choosing an After Burner plane to fly straight to the end. Hence the final choice to allow these changes only in these specific sections of the road.

When asked what is the best way to claim release from Sonic & All Stars Racing has transformed On the current supports, Steve Lysette appears to be calling for a petition. He himself was already going to think of a new version with new content:

Whatever you do, don’t create a poll on the SEGA forums! Seriously, I still work every day with members of the SEGA All-Stars Series teams. We’d love to do something else if given the chance. I imagine a world where we could update the game for existing consoles and expand the character roster And the tracks. For me, it would be a natural progression. And the decision to do so is up to SEGA. If someone offers them a decent campaign calling for a re-release or sequel, I’m sure they’ll consider that.”

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