Italy’s Bending Spoons has acquired note-taking giant Evernote

Italian development studio Bending Spoons has acquired the popular note-taking app Evernote. This was reported by the Evernote Corporation itself, which sets the official closing of the agreement at the beginning of 2023. The economic terms of the deal are unknown.

Although the arrival of Evernote on smartphones dates back to 2008, The history of the program dates back to the early 2000swhen Russian-born American entrepreneur Stepan Bachikov released handwriting recognition software for Windows with an associated space for storing scans.

With version 3.0, dated 2008, came the web service and then the smartphone app. The success was almost instantaneous, to the point that the web service reached 11 million users just three years after its launch. The numbers we can consider impressive, looking at the mobile panorama in early 2010.

With the arrival of the Sequoia, Meretic Capital and Nikkei mutual funds, The company’s capital amounted to more than one billion dollars in 2013. But from that moment on, thanks to a change in monetization policies and some collaborations that went badly, the company’s value gradually collapsed.

Evernote boasts 250 million active users and over $100 million in monthly recurring revenue

The current CEO, Ian Small, takes over in 2018 and his work with the patient is a success Reaching some significant milestones like 250 million active users and $100 million in recurring revenue

The decision to accept Bending Spoons’ offer is a strategic step in our journey to make Evernote an extension of your brainHe said on the sidelines of the deal. “Collaboration with Bending Spoons will allow us to improve our team and deliver better offers, both in business and consumer“.

Bending Spoons is one of the largest app developers in Europe. Emoni also wrote

Even if Bending Spoons is one of the most famous European application development studios – among its most important works we mention the video editing suite Splice and the photo editing application using artificial intelligence technologies Remini – The company has risen to honors in the general news of the development of Immuni.

Indeed, in April 2020, Bending Spoons has been entrusted by the Italian government with the design and development of the official contact tracing app for COVID-19. The Milanese studio granted the Italian government a perpetual and irrevocable license over Immuni for free, with management passing in October 2020 from the hands of Bending Spoons to the hands of SOGEI.

Our mission at Bending Spoons is to make a positive and lasting impact on our customers, teammates, and society at large. Every day, millions of people around the world rely on Evernote to organize their livesexplained Bending Spoons managing director Luca Ferrari.Evernote fits perfectly into Bending Spoons’ portfolio and we’re excited to welcome their large and loyal customer base.

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