It was supposed to come with the iPhone 14

Now there are more and more Apple devices compatible with the Apple Pencil: after the launch of the tenth generation iPad, in fact, the Cupertino stylus is supported by the iPad Air, iPad Pro and “vanilla” iPad. However, Bitten Apple appears to have, for some time, had the intention of making money The Apple Pencil is also compatible with the iPhone.

Tweet from Duanruian Asian leaker that reproduces and translates a similar post on the Chinese social network Weibo, explains that It is claimed that Apple has produced a low-cost Apple Pencil, also compatible with the iPhone and at a “budget” cost of just $49. In fact, the leaker states that “In the September event, Apple was originally supposed to launch a new Apple pen codenamed Maker and its price is about $ 49, without a pressure sensor or battery, and equipped with a chip that uses the device’s screen to operate the pen, Just like the S-Pen Samsung“.

DuanRui goes on to explain that “The new Apple Pencil It even had to be compatible with iPhonesHowever, the project was terminated shortly before its release. It is said that about a million units were already in stock at the time of the cancellation, and now they will all be disposed of.”. In short, if the leak is confirmed, Apple would be a reversal that would be impressive.

It is difficult to understand the reasons behind this alleged decision by Apple: with a Absolutely competitive price, and $50 and $80 less than the first and second generation Apple Pencil, this “low cost” stylus would have made many iPad users happy, and might have been appreciated even on larger smartphones. Like iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro max.

But the leaker who spread this rumor has no noteworthy precedent that requires us to advise you Take the news with a grain of salt. However, we cannot fail to note that the expansion of Apple Pencil support to more devices has been in Apple’s plans for a few years: in addition to expanding compatibility with the stylus to the iPad 10, in fact, the next there may also be a few years of Macbooks With Apple Pencil support.

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