It has the fastest mobile network in Italy

Last December, OpenSignal data established Vodafone as the best mobile operator in Italy, but watch out for Ookla’s Speedtests. The latest dedicated report Fastweb has the fastest mobile network in Italythus surpassing other well-known names in our market.

As MondoMobileWeb relaunches, the company that specializes in measuring fixed and mobile network performance has confirmed in its tests from July to December 2022: Fastweb is the brand with the best connection performanceTo elaborate, in the second half of last year it scored a speed score of 68.27 thanks to high median download speeds (73.17 Mbps) and upload speeds (12.45 Mbps). To be clear, Ookla puts more emphasis on median speed. “What most network provider customers experience on a daily basis.”

Additionally, this is the first time that Fastweb has been included among the operators Ookla considered for these technical comparisons, a hypothetical operator. Supported on TIM and WindTre networks For 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, WindTre only for 5th generation mobile networks.

WindTre follows the rankings with 62.63 points and is the previous winner of the ‘Fastest Mobile Network Award’ for the first half of 2022. Vodafone is third with 55.20 points. The Iliad is fourth with 49.30 points. TIM is fifth with 37.66 points.Ookla has done well to create this top 5 3,301,640 tests run using the Speedtest app From a total of 921,151 unique devices.

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