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Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro They are formal and come to what is called First day Also in ItaliaDespite what happened last year with a delay of more than 4 months. that it The duo already won on paper Promising complete products at very fair and competitive prices, compared to competition focused on raising prices again.

In short, at the most difficult moment for the telephony sector, which has been hit by discontinued hardware features and price increases, Google is taking on its partners (in this case, competitors). So let’s see in more detail Pixel 7 in this revieweven compared to the Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 7 video review

Design and ergonomics

Continuity in terms of design is evident. The Google Pixel 7 has the lines and shapes of the Pixel 6 family, but with that extra touch of care that makes it look even more beautiful and solid. The chamber rail is the most revolutionary component, no longer made of plastic and glass but entirely of aluminum and extending the side frame, also of aluminum. Compared to the Pro variant, the materials do not change, only satin changes which, personally, I find more pleasant than glossy. If we really want to find fault with this design element, the edge of the coffin is almost clean and sharp, at least continuing to offer excellent grip despite a glossy glass back.

From the front, the screen is flat, and the protective glass has a light rounded shape that is pleasant to the touch. What matters, however, are the smaller frames, and that’s also why the smartphone is slightly smaller than the Pixel 6 (and less heavy): 155.6 x 73.2 x 8.7 mm with 197 grams, finally returning below the 200-gram threshold.

The screen has also been improved: 6.3 instead of 6.4″with a peak brightness of 1,400 nits and a refresh rate that remains unchanged at 90Hz, isn’t bad because it’s more than satisfactory to deliver smooth, flowing performance in everyday use. All in all a high quality display Which does not present certain smoothing defects even if it is not 100% perfect. The slightly more annoying aspect is the blue shift effect Which appears to tilt the smartphone slightly compared to our eyes but nothing serious.

As in the previous model, there is no lack of support for wireless charging (even the other way around), no lack of IP68 certification and as an unlocking method there is a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which is faster to unlock but requires a certain thing. Precision in finger placement. In addition, there is a face unlock that we can select 2D + because it uses the selfie camera’s autofocus to detect depth and from my tests it is impossible to unlock it with a photo.

There will only be an audio jack on the Pixel 7 It’s a completely disguised media machineThe sound section is just as accurate as the display with two speakers that provide discreet separation in high-level sound quality with clearly identifiable highs, mids and lows. The max volume isn’t the loudest it’s ever been heard but it never distorts, and after all, the quality is there.

Google Pixel 7


Google Pixel 7 It arrives with Android 13 and a custom interface material you. Compared to the Google Pixel 6, especially now that it has been updated to the same version during the month of August, the differences are few and we are now far from the definition of lean software that could have been given to it until a few years ago. In fact, Google has developed small custom functions, partly on personalization, partly on utilities, to make its smartphones awake and smart.

For example, there is the copying of text and images directly from multitasking, without the need to open and close the application continuously, or the special camera folder where you can quickly insert most of the personal photos taken, or even the possibility of deleting noise elements from the images. Then, every time you open a game, game mode automatically activates (it’s still a bit of a stretch since you can only see your FPS, silence notifications, or go live on YouTube). There is also the detection of road accidents and the automatic translation of screen texts in a foreign language thanks to the element of artificial intelligence that has been built into the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro more importantly with the new Google Tensor G2.

Among the novelties, however, we find, for example, a function to reduce the blurring of portraits, the result is not yet completely satisfactory, but in some cases it can really come in handy.

Needless to say, Pixel 7 It is a smartphone that will receive many android updates (3) and long Security patch support (5 years).


Technically, Tensor G2 is very similar to the first generation. It doesn’t change the production process, it’s still at 5nm, but it does increase the power of the cores a bit (not the chassis), there’s a new GPU and a new modem. So it is always an 8 core cpu with Two large cortex x1And the two middle cortex (this time A 78 not the A76), e Four small cores of Cortex A55. Instead it single GPU Mali G710 MP07a unit identical to the one currently on the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, the top of the range of the Taiwanese manufacturer, except for the number of cores present (in this case seven as indicated by the wording MP07), this allows a jump in terms of performance and promises a20% improvement in energy efficiency Compared to the Pixel 6’s GPU, as well as a big jump 35% Regarding operations related to machine learning of the new Tensioner processing unit (TPU)

So how does the Pixel 7 work? Certainly good, since it is the same processor, with the same configuration, which is also present in the Pixel 7 Pro model, and yet offered at a significantly lower price.

Some lag here and there but not much in games, where it works fine, like in Google Chrome, while scrolling heavy pages. In short, nothing that can’t be solved with software updates, we think.


Unlike what happened to the Pixel 7 Pro version where there are some news about the photographic sector, On the Pixel 7, we have the same imaging sensors on the back as the Pixel 6 Namely: main 50 MP, f / 1.9 optically stabilized, secondary ultra-wide angle 12 MP f / 2.2. Instead, the selfie camera, which actually goes from 8 to 10.8 MP, changes f/2.2 with larger pixels.

So, it’s a conservative choice, however, and it’s more than acceptable not to throw away about one year of improvements. Google Pixel 7 performs well in all conditions, is a photographically reliable smartphone. It works well in full lighting, against light, in environments with artificial lights, in low-light conditions or in intense, busy situations. In short, no more than the Pixel 6 and indeed Where the sin is mainly on the ultra-wide angle Which in low light conditions shows a lot of noise, but only visible in videos, and instead manages to achieve the right level in photos.

Instead, selfies get better, Even if the Google Pixel always tends to have excessive contrast, usually presenting a nice skin tone. It is a sensor with a Wider viewing angle and therefore ultra wide angle, perfect for group selfies, too. Where, on the other hand, it is not very convincing in selfie videos where noise is the master, software optimization is undoubtedly necessary in this regard. A real shame too because it hits 4K at 60fps, 10-bit HDR at 30fps.

In the field of video, it manages to record in 4K at 60fps, also passing from one sensor to another, while 10-bit HDR is only available at 30fps in both resolutions.

battery and autonomy

Surprisingly that The Google Pixel 7’s battery (4,300 mAh) is smaller than the Pixel 6’sHowever, the difference is less than 10% and doesn’t seem to worry the company. The autonomy is rather convincing, although it is not long-lasting during the first sessions, this seems to improve with the passage of days and where it left off before at just over 3 hours of screen time, it now easily exceeds 4 hours. How far will you go? Just try later you will tell.

there Fast charging at 30W On paper, it normally charges at 20W, but there are also wireless charging and the Reverse wireless charging.

In conclusion

Google Pixel 7 It is presented in Italia at list price 649 euros, which is the same amount requested for the previous model last year. Given the inflated global situation on various fronts, this price retention is a real surprise and, in fact, a major challenge towards competing partners.

summarizing Pixel 7 meets everyone’s needs, is a reliable, tactile smartphone, not too big and certainly modern in terms of performance and functionality. Perfect for those looking for a multimedia smartphone, for those looking for a good camera phone, and for those who want their thumbs up to the hardest gaming titles.

Google Pixel 7 is available on Amazon for 649 euros in black, white and green colors.

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