Is your iPhone battery draining faster on iOS 16? Here’s the solution

The latest iOS 16 update brings several new additions to the iPhone. Not only does it fulfill two long-awaited requests, such as lock screen customization, but it also refreshes Apple’s stock apps with several useful features. These improvements come at a cost: iOS 16 can have a major impact on your iPhone’s battery life.

What sets iOS 16 apart from many other annual Apple updates is that it affects almost every aspect of your iPhone experience, from the lock screen to privacy and security to the iPhone keyboard haptics. However, as expected, new faster capabilities mean more battery drain, which is most apparent with older models. Even my iPhone 13 mini now lasts two hours less than it did on iOS 15. But what causes your iPhone’s battery to drain, and is there a way to restore it to pre-iOS 16 levels? We answer these questions and more in this guide.

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