Iran coach attacks some of his fans

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz has criticized the reaction of some fans who whistled the national anthem before the World Cup Group B match, which was lost 6-2 to England on Monday afternoon. “Fans who are not ready to support the team should just stay home,” he said in a post-match press conference.

“Everyone knows that the current circumstances are not the best for my players. I’m really proud of them. Proud of how they performed and how they fought in the game. It’s not easy to score two goals and hit the crossbar against England in such circumstances,” replied the Portuguese technician.

The players had refused to sing their national anthem in support of the victims of the protests, which were harshly suppressed in their country. In the stands, in addition to the boos of the fans, one could see banners with messages promoting women’s rights.

For Carlos Queiroz, the whistles accompanying the national anthem were not welcome at all. “The players have only one dream, to play for their country and for the people. In 2014 and 2018 we had a lot of support from our supporters. So when you see what happened today, why would they come here to take on the team? We don’t need it. Fans who are not ready to support the team should stay in.” their homes, ”concluded Carlos Queiroz.

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