iPhone with a USB port is coming

Apple, for the first time, has provided direct confirmation that the iPhone is about to switch to a USB Type-C jack. in’Interview with The Wall Street JournalAnd the Greg JoswiakApple’s marketing director said the company would replace the lighting port, albeit reluctantly and unconvinced by the change.

In the interview, I also involve the vice president of the software department Craig FederighiHowever, the times when this transition will occur are not indicated.

Apple executives said that “It is the Europeans who set the tone for European customers‘, a nice way to say anything about the traffic schedule.

Joswiak also spoke of Apple’s mission to “go its own way and trust its engineers” rather than comply with standards imposed by lawmakers and certify third-party hardware. He even questioned the USB standard and the ways in which Apple would be pressured into meeting certain requirements that the director deemed “inconsiderate.” The

Finally, the marketing director emphasized that the transition to the USB-C standard will create a lot of electronic waste as users will have to buy new cables and throw out old ones.

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