iPhone, the exact battery percentage is finally back

An old feature that was removed some time back is back in iOS 16, which will surely make many users happy. This is the battery percentage shown in the status bar: Finally, you no longer have to enter the control center or use a widget to find out the exact charge of your smartphone, but a quick glance at the top right is enough. Here’s how and when this feature will return.

The battery percentage visible from the home screen is a feature that, although common on most devices, Apple decided to remove starting with the iPhone X, which was released 5 years ago. The iOS 16 beta testing program revealed that this change will be reversedAnd everything will return to the way it was.

The visual percentage will remain disabled by default: however, to activate it, you just need to go to the options and select the new mode. This will change the gauge slightly: the icon will remain full until the battery reaches 20%, at which point it will turn red and graphically display the actual charge.

At the moment, the option is not available on all devices, probably due to the very small screen size. Excluded are iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini. Since it’s a beta, things can still change, but for now we’ll have to feel good.

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