iPhone 15, we’re finally switching to USB-C instead of Lightning

There was no shortage of rumors about the future iPhone 15 on the internet, but there’s a pretty interesting one floating around lately. Also supported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, The iPhone 14 is rumored to be the last Apple device to use the Lightning charging connector. Instead, we will switch to USB-C.

Indeed, in the words of Apple itself, The Lightning port was meant to last at least 10 years, and the first iPhone to use it came out in 2012. That, too, is a long way off, but moving to USB-C will bring some significant benefits.

In fact, this standard allows for higher charging speeds as well as much wider compatibility for chargers. In this regard, it is not unlikely that Apple’s choice was forced not for technical reasons but by the new regulations of the European Unionmaking the USB-C standard mandatory.

Apple’s departure from Lightning has been rumored for a while, but only to coincide with the launch of a portless and wireless-only iPhone. But even in this case, Apple could no longer resort to proprietary methods. In fact, by 2026, again according to European regulations, wireless charging standards must be interoperable. In short, in the future charging your smartphone will be much easier, regardless of the brand.

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