iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra, an Apple supplier may have revealed something new

Cirrus Logic, the semiconductor designer Apple relies on for its iPhones, may have misread a letter to shareholders a novelty that users can see in the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra next year.

In the published letter, Cirrus Logic points to a change that has been talked about for some time and could come in 2023: the removal of the physical buttons from the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra in favor of Solid state power and volume buttons. The Cupertino giant’s idea would be to integrate three Taptic Engines into the keys to replicate the same feedback.

Obviously in the document Apple is not specifically mentionedbut staff are invited to come up with a” strategic customer ‘, which provides, ‘launch a new HPMS (high-performance mixed-signal chip) in next year’s smartphones“. MacRumors notes that among the company’s HPMS are the touch drivers for the iPhone Tapting Engine.

CEO John Forsyth also narrowed down the arrival times of this new component, which is expected to be launched, in the conference call.in the second half of next year‘ and coincides perfectly with the launch window of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Yesterday, some rumors also speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro could cost more than the iPhone 14 Pro due to TSMC.

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