iPhone 15 design revolution, differences with iPhone 14

It’s never too early to talk about the iPhone 15, even though the potential launch has been missed by ten months. In these hours in particular, iPhone 2023 is the focus of some new rumors regarding its design. According to a leaker known on Twitter as ShrimpApplePro, a big little revolution is coming for the appearance of the iPhone 14 successors but also for some of the materials used for specific components of the phone.

According to what has just been leaked, iPhone 15 could adopt a completely redesigned back cover with curved side frame. From a practical point of view, the back, instead of being flat and forming a right angle with the frame of the phone as is the case in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 generations, as well as the iPhone 14, will have a rounded edge.

The potential new option designed for the iPhone 15 matches what we’ve seen recently for another Apple product. In fact, it would not be a coincidence that the latest MacBook Pro uses a different design than usual, that is, it forms a right angle on one side of the back and is slightly curved on the other side, so as to form a kind of letter “J”. Indeed, one might expect such a hybrid solution also for the successors of the iPhone 14, with an end result that could approach the prototype pictured at the beginning of the article.

ShrimpApplePro, in addition to talking about the design of the upcoming iPhone 15, also focused on possibility The use of different materials for the back of the top of the range for 2023. Practically speaking, one would expect the use of titanium for the back cover Instead of stainless steel (used in current iPhone 14 and earlier). This would be a particularly important choice given the greater value and quality of the new materials: precisely for this reason, instead of deeming the use of this innovative solution acceptable on all iPhone 15s, it is conceivable that we would go in this direction only for the Pro and Pro Max samples, and on the contrary Of that, the less expensive iPhone 15 and 15 Plus can still use aluminum. What the informant shared, of course, remains unofficial: only time will be able to confirm all the hypotheses presented.

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