iPhone 15: Apple may ditch the flat edge design

iPhone 15 Returns to be the protagonist of the series Rumors. After the idiocy of a few days ago according to which the next generation of smartphones could have different transfer speeds, we are back to talking about iPhones, and more specifically about the design From the upcoming iPhone 15s.

The upcoming iPhone 15s may feature a curved edge design

Leaked curved edges design for Apple iPhone 15

According to the source: apple can bring some Small but significant design changes From the next series of iPhones. More specifically, appearance iPhone 15 It can be compatible with the last generation MacBook Pro, which features Slightly curved edges On the one hand, similar to J.

According to known dropout ShrimpApplePro, as well as the next ones iPhone 15 You’ll adopt a similar design with an extension Curved side frame towards the back which will replace the flat we saw on iPhone 12, 13 and 14.

ShrimpApplePro also claimed that body From iPhone 15 may be in Titanium instead of stainless steel. Since titanium is a very valuable material, it is probably just thatiPhone 15 Pro and theiPhone 15 Ultra It may adopt a titanium frame, while the base and Plus models may continue to feature a stainless steel frame

However, it is still too early at present to say whether or not this is the case and how it refers to the same thing. dropoutIt would be better to take this indiscretion a little bit with pliers.

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