iPhone 14: Satellite connectivity is coming to other countries soon

MacPrime says that Apple is already working on expanding its flagship feature for the new iPhone 14s. at present , The satellite connection will be officially available starting in November for the United States and Canada.

According to MacPrime, Apple is expected to extend this availability later this year or as soon as 2023.

Who will be the first countries?

It is common for this type of feature to reach the United States before spreading to the rest of North America, Japan, and Western Europe. Italy or France are often part of the second or third wave affected by a new service.

Here the SOS by Satellite function allows you to call for help in areas where there is no fixed or mobile network connection. In other words, when we are already in remote place in the world And in danger, without being able to return.

So we can wonder if Apple will offer other regions as a priority, such as countries around large mountain ranges or deserts. Impossible to know at the moment, we will have to wait for an official communication from Apple.


Among the unpleasant surprises at the Apple conference, we noted the premium satellite connection. Cupertino offers the service free of charge for 24 monthsThen it will be paid.

However, the company did not disclose any pricing or details about this paid offer. So the brand should also make this point in the long run. We all hope Apple decides to keep its free services to save lives.

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