iPhone 14 Plus arrives on Amazon: buy now

The iPhone 14 Plus is available today on Amazon and in stores. Where you can buy the iPhone 14 Plus and at what price. Direct link to buy on Amazon

Where to buy iPhone 14 plus

finally new iPhone 14 Plus Available on official website applebut also in major electronics chains such as media world When Uniello come Amazon.

After the iPhone 14 and two iPhone 14 Pros, From today, October 7th iPhone 14 Plus Available directly at all stores.

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One week after pre-orders started, it became available for purchase at Immediate delivery Buy from our online store or directly from a physical store where it’s already sold.

but if you like to buy iPhone 14 plus Amazon has a direct link for that below. Easy and fast.

If you buy today Delivered directly to your home tomorrow!

Buy iPhone 14 Plus on Amazon

Inventory numbers are definitely good. Except for the 128GB version of the blue iPhone 14 Plus and his current “best seller”, the 128GB version of (PRODUCT)RED.

Advantages of Amazon

Among Amazon’s advantages are certainly fast shipping and the possibility of paying for the device in 5 installments with no additional charges.

There are no taxes or surcharges to pay. You can split the smartphone amount into 5 parts and pay monthly.

Get to know the iPhone 14 Plus better

it’s basically about iPhone 14, I’ve talked a lot about it, but Special features: 6.7 inch screen. That’s about the display we saw, at least in terms of dimensions iPhone14 max Even without adaptive refresh and the “always on” feature.

iPhone 14 Plus replaces iPhone 13 mini This was on the opposite end of the spectrum with ultra-pocket-sized screens. As such, Apple hopes to welcome the interest of those who want a very generous and comfortable display for surfing the web or watching movies. I’ll list them below.

  • Advanced camera system for better shots in any light
  • Cinema Mode: Supports up to 30 fps in Dolby Vision 4K
  • Action mode for stable, shock-free shooting
  • Accident detection: life-saving technology to call for help when you can’t
  • All-day battery with up to 26 hours of video playback
  • The A15 Bionic chip with a 5-core GPU delivers blazing fast performance.Ultra-fast 5G cellular network
  • Ceramic shield and water resistance for industry-leading durability

In-depth article about iPhone 14

Before we leave this page, here’s some more information about the new Apple smartphones.

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