iPhone 14: More RAM on all models and upgrade to LPDDR5 for some

The iPhone 14 range of phones from Apple will be announced in less than two months, and the closer we get to the official launch, the more information begins to circulate. A new report from Digitimes reveals that Cupertino is planning a Fully upgrade your iPhone series to 6GB RAM: Including the standard models which will have the same amount of memory as the professional models.

However, Pro models will enjoy the speed boost, as Apple will switch from LPDDR4X technology to LPDDR5 technology. The standard iPhone 14 and the all-new iPhone 14 Max will ship with LPDDR4X, while iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Sport will upgrade to LPDDR5.

All we know

All the information we need has already appeared through unofficial channels, so, for example, we know that Apple is planning this Launch four different devices.

The “Mini” format for the iPhone will be dropped, as the company isn’t entirely satisfied with its current sales. At the same time, it will introduce a new “Max” model that will have a 6.7-inch screen as a larger variant than the standard iPhone 14. Insiders said that the company could call this model the “iPhone 14 Plus,” mainly because it wants to avoid confusion in the lineup.

Finally, it looks like Apple will ditch the notch on the Pro models to go for a “perforated” design similar to the one already used on Android devices. The two standard models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, will continue to sport as we know it.

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