iPhone 14: first data for pre-orders

Pre-orders for the new devices have started iPhone 14 From Apple, the first accounts are starting to take place on model endorsements by Apple loyalists, who immediately book their products.

In the absence of any official statement from Apple, the reference point is always Ming Chi Kuoa well-known and well-informed Apple analyst.

The company’s first wave of orders seems to be dominated by models iPhone 14 Pro Which affects 85% of all sales. Discontinue, for the time being, the release iPhone 14 Plus Which accounts for less than 5% of sales.
The Plus model seems, from the very beginning, to follow the unfortunate fate of the iPhone Mini, with disappointing performance, and the reason for the model’s cancellation from the lineup.

This year’s portfolio is clearly biased towards the Pro models, the versions that have received the most significant updates, while the rest of the line is more conservative in changes.

As mentioned earlier, these are just estimates made on pre-orders and it’s too early to strike any kind of balance, also because – traditionally – pre-sales are mostly focused on high-end devices, while other iPhone releases tend to see second-time share gains, once they start. the sales.

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