iPhone 14 delayed due to Covid: A model may be delayed

In China, the economy is still struggling to recover after years of lockdown, and phone makers are struggling. In fact, due to the slow opening of factories, Apple was late in developing the new iPhone 14.

Three major component suppliers are affected by the delays: Foxconn, Pegatron and Luxshare Precision Industry. These companies are very important to developing and shipping iPhone parts, But as expected, the severe restrictions against Covid still in place in China are causing a lot of inconvenience among them.

According to several sources: Apple allegedly urged these companies to ramp up component production in order to reach the September launch window in time. However, for at least one model this will not be possible: we do not yet know which one, but at least one of the iPhone 14 versions is three weeks behind in the roadmap.

According to various estimates, Apple may suffer great economic damage from this situation. There is good talk of losing $8 billion: A number that could go up if the new iPhone is not launched in time. In the best case scenario, the iPhone will be released in September anyway, and the late model will simply be produced in smaller quantities at the initial stage. But that remains to be seen, and for now we can only wait a few months.

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