iPhone 14 (128GB) under €900 at Amazon: BLACK FRIDAY ALREADY

That new iphone 14in 128 GB average, is now on sale for €899 at Amazon, which has decided to anticipate everyone with a real Black Friday offer. Unlike the promotions seen these days with the iPhones of years past, today’s promotion features a 13% discount on the all-new iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display. An exceptional price that adds up to the possibility offered by Amazon pay it in installments per month, interest-free.

New iPhone 14 (128GB)

The new iPhone 14 certainly doesn’t need great presentations, so much so that we’re having trouble even listing its many assets: from a construction that’s once again impeccable in every way, to automatic event detection (it’s the iPhone calling for help for you); then it is impossible not to mention the photographic sector, which has again been improved compared to the previous generation, especially in poor visibility.

The iPhone 14 remains the ideal choice for those looking for one real top model with compact dimensions. Or easier for those who want to replace an outdated iPhone with a similar mold factory. No less important is the aspect of autonomy, since Apple manages to take another step forward compared to the same model of a year ago (to the delight of those who are still slaves to the socket).

Take advantage of today’s super offer: The new 128GB iPhone 14 can be Yours for only €899 instead of €1,029. The offer is limited, it may expire in the next few hours.

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