iPhone 13 and many more games

This morning’s task relaunch from before media worldgiven the Black Friday 2022Which will materialize no later than Friday 25 November. Let’s try to understand how things developed, given the fact that this morning’s promotions include both cell phonewith theiPhone 13 To raise his voice again, both range the games. In short, after the events that we brought to your attention a few days ago with another articleWe need to understand how things evolve from some to this side.

Focus on MediaWorld’s Black Friday 2022 Deals from Today, November 21: Not Just the iPhone 13

Waiting for the real promotions to arrive in just under four days, what are the most attractive offers we can take advantage of on MediaWorld in the name of Black Friday this Monday? Once again, the iPhone 13 made a lot of noise. Although its successor has arrived on the market, the model launched on the market in 2021 is still very desirable, so much so that we can now go ahead and buy it. For only 799 euros. Quite low price compared to store standards, obviously for the version with less memory.

As for other producers, keep an eye out, too Samsung Galaxy A33at 45% off, even Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, given that the savings in this case amount to 46%. As already mentioned, MediaWorld’s promotions in these hours also include the gaming sector, if we think of the wheel Super Mario Kart Racing Coach Media On Nintendo Switch for €54.99. They complete the picture Nacon PlayStation gaming chairAt a discount of 26.08% and at 169.99 euros Nacon 310 gaming chairit was purchased for only 89.99 euros.

In short, Black Friday 2022 on MediaWorld has already started and obviously we will be able to bypass the usual iPhone 13.

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