iPadOS 16 Official: Top-of-the-line sharing and new Pro tools

After iOS 16, Apple took advantage of its WWDC conference to present the news of iPadOS 16, the highly anticipated operating system for the iPad with unprecedented features primarily focused on professional uses.

In addition to the many new features of macOS Ventura and iOS 16 also built into iPadOS 16, the manufacturer took advantage of a long iOS 16 presentation to discuss new collaboration tools built into its ecosystem of products.

Concretely, iPadOS – like iOS and macOS – can be used for start collaborating within documents, Notes or presentations by simply pressing the Share option and giving members access to a conversation in Messages. The various participants will then be able to access and edit the document stored in the cloud as is already possible, for example, on Google Drive. You can also do the same by sharing your Safari tab in a FaceTime or Messages conversation so that multiple participants can access it.

Apple has indicated that new APIs will be introduced for developers to make their apps compatible with these collaboration tools.

Collaborative whiteboard

Also as part of the collaboration, Apple has announced that a new app will arrive by the end of the year. Call free form, it will allow to access and share the large whiteboard among different people to take notes, make drawings or diagrams or share links. This time the idea is reminiscent of what Microsoft is already offering with Whiteboard.

But in addition to the applications themselves, it is precisely on the side of the screen that we find the real new iPadOS 16. Apple tablets will now be able to more easily display multiple applications at the same time. It will also be compatible with external displays. Concretely, as with Samsung’s DeX, the iPad can be connected directly to an external display to extend the screen and interact with both screens simultaneously.

For window management, the major new release comes under the name of Stage Manager and will allow easier multitasking management. Applications will not necessarily take up the entire width of the screen, but they can be minimized, resized and mirrored one by one, just as we are already used to on a Windows or macOS computer.

Beta and availability

iPadOS 16 is in developer beta. Open beta will arrive in July, while we expect general public availability this fall.

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