iPadOS 16 is late

For the first time ever, Apple will separate the launch of the iPadOS version from the iOS version. The rumor has been circulating for quite some time but now it has got an official confirmation from Apple.

Cupertino house, this year, iPadOS 16 will ship about a month after iOS 16. In a statement issued to the portal TechcrunchCalifornia company said:

This is a particularly important year for iPadOS. As a standalone platform with features designed specifically for iPad, we’ll have the flexibility to offer iPadOS with a custom roadmap. This fall, iPadOS will ship after iOS, version 16.1 as a free update.

Also according to rumors, the person responsible for this delay will be the new multitasking feature Training Managerwhich will only be available on iPads with Apple M chips.

Meanwhile, Apple has released the iPadOS 16.1 beta to developers. So, for the first time, Apple will release version 1 instead of version .0.

However, iOS and iPadOS can get back in sync almost instantly, if Cupertino releases iOS 16.1 at the same time as iPadOS 16.1.

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