iOS has been gaining ground over Android for 4 years

Android has made a name for itself over the years, undisputedly dominating the smartphone market. Almost 7 out of 10 smartphones now use this operating system.

But if you believe the figures from StockApps, the dominance of Android begins to falter. So much so that the operating system has jumped from 77.32% of the global market share in July 2018 to 69.74% this year Loss of almost 8% market share in the last four years.

At the same time, iOS has come to collect almost 6% more, rose from 19.4% to 25.49% over the same period. It must be said that for some time Apple has been stepping up its efforts to make itself more and more accessible, particularly with products like the iPhone SE and entry-level iPad.

A difficult gap to fill

Why is Android in Decline? According to finance expert Edith Reads, that loss is due to even greater competition from iOS. However, he doesn’t see Android as a threat because Google has managed to create a nearly unassailable gap that won’t be easy to close.

In Europe, Android has a 69.32% market share when running iOS “alone” 30% of smartphones. Google also has ruthless dominance in Africa, with 84% of smartphones in use, 81% in Asia, and 90% in South America. The battle is hardest in North America and Oceania, where Apple’s operating system takes first place with 54% market share, while Android is not far behind with nearly 45%.

iOS generally remains available on competitor’s more expensive products. But this new Apple strategy seems to be paying off. This should no doubt convince Cupertino to continue its momentum and continue its efforts to offer more low-cost products in the future.

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