iOS 16 brings a whole new lock screen to the iPhone

last night at WWDC, Apple announced iOS 16. One of the biggest features of the new version of the operating system includes support for a customizable lock screen. In other words, users can now customize the lock screen to their own style, including various adjustments to the clock and date.

Additionally, Apple is bringing widgets to the lock screen, allowing users to get information from certain apps without even unlocking the iPhone.

“The lock screen becomes even more personal, beautiful and useful with iOS 16. With a new layering effect, photo targets are subtly placed in front of the time on the lock screen, creating a sense of depth. Users can also change the appearance of the date and time with expressive writing styles and color options.”

Lock screen widgets will be somewhat inspired by the intricacies of the Apple Watch, and Apple offers support for multiple lock screens as well.

In other words, users can create different styles and then switch between them with a simple tap like on the Apple Watch.

The new Lock Screen gallery showcases a range of options for inspiration, such as Apple Collections, which include Pride and Unity to celebrate special cultural moments; weather wallpaper to see real-time weather conditions as they change throughout the day; and an astronomy background with views of the earth, moon, and solar system. Users can also create lock screens using their favorite emoji or color scheme. With multiple lock screens, users can switch between favorites with a single tap,” says the company.

iOS 16 is expected to be available in September for iPhone 8 and later, with the beta program starting later this summer.

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