Interview with Pierpaolo Guerrini, from his friendship with Bocelli to being intimate with Hauser

Intimate is his new song, a single in collaboration with Hauser which assumes that the album will be released in 2023 with which Pierpaolo Guerrini celebrates a career of more than 30 years. It is to be anticipated intimate, he sees at the piano by Pierpaolo Guerrini, accompanied by the extraordinary cello by Hauser, the
Croatian cellist who became a world star with the duo 2Cellos and is now pursuing his solo career.

OM met Pierpaolo Guerrini on the occasion of the release of Intimate.

She just released Intimate which inspired her in the composition of this piece?

in the Intimate is a dedication to Justyna, my partner and her childhood dream of becoming a great dancer. Deep combinations were elicited, touching on both the technical and the sentimental aspect of the piece. Intimate it is very simple, both in structure and in melodic aspect. I liked the idea of ​​conveying something strong in a song that has a simple structure, I think that’s the strength. It just starts to flow and opens up dynamically right after the first chorus.

Hauser is also in this song, how did the collaboration with him come about?

It was a combination because there is a friendship with Hauser, he used to visit my studio. I had already made a recording with him, melodramaabout two years ago. I played him this song and he loved it. He’s very good and plays the cello like a violin, the key was right for his instrument too, so it was a perfect combination that came out Intimate.

Two dancers from La Scala were involved in the video

Naturally, with the help of my partner, who is a great lover of dance, and thanks to Gianluca Schiavoni, we came up with the idea that it could be interesting to have important dancers dance, recreating certain moments that embellish the piece.

After 30 years of work, a look into the past

First of all, the friendship that has developed over time with Andrea Bocelli, starting from a collaboration at work. We spent a lot of time together, especially in the beginning, and it was important to later create something beautiful compositionally. Then there was the relationship I had with the recording studio, born out of my passion for sound care and for the whole world of sound, with the mania for analog, warm, important sound.

He has an album planned for 2023, what will we find in it?

Within the compositions there is a melodic world; I always carried them on as if they were songs. They start from the desire to create something that is very useful on first hearing. Then there is the attention to detail and arrangements. We’ve been working on it for about three years and there will be multiple collaborations, different genres of music. The common denominator will be the Great Prague Orchestra conducted by Maestro Steven Mercurio.

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