INPS Email Fraud Risk for Pending Payments February 2023

INPS email scams are rampant in early February. Many Italians are receiving correspondence in their mailboxes, apparently from social security agencies However, they are actually sent by hackers and malicious actors with the goal of collecting as many victims as possible. Attempts at deception are nothing new. In 2022, we had essentially the same type of fraud campaign. But understand the dangers of falling into new traps and try to avoid them now and in the future.

L.INPS email scams start with fake announcements about pending payments. The unlucky person on duty arrives by correspondence that is so well written and so similar to the original letter from the social security agency that it is almost unidentifiable as fraud. The text indicates the user’s pending payment. It should have been calculated that in 2022 citizens would be entitled to a refund of more than €700 to their bank accounts.Of course, this kind of memo tends to appeal to many, especially in times of economic crisis like the one we’re experiencing.

Traps are well tuned. Victims are asked to connect to a fake page on the INPS website and provide correct account details to receive the amount charged. Visiting the link does not take you to the institution’s official page, but to an almost exact clone of it. Enter them and provide them to malicious hackers who use them for apparently unlawful purposes that operate illicitly in compromised personal spheres.

At these times, INPS itself warned the Italians about the scam by email. Social security agencies remind you never to send communications of this kind, including requests for links or personal data. just enough.

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