Information about the case and the back of the device has been leaked

Although it is likely to be launched in the second half of the year, the iPhone 15 is already the subject of many rumors. Previously, analyst Min-Chi Kuo reported that Apple’s upcoming smartphone will have solid power and volume buttons.


Today’s rumors concern the specifications of the box and the back of the device. According to a report Shared on Twitter by ShrimpAppleProThe future iPhone 15 will have a titanium case and may also have a rounded back. This last feature, if confirmed, would mark a break with the square edges of current iPhone models.

New frame design inspired by iPhone 5C

For the next iPhone, which is scheduled for 2023, it seems that Apple no longer wants to revamp the same design that it adopted for its previous devices. The Cupertino company can update a pattern you’ve already used on another of its devices.

This is more specifically the design of the iPhone 5C launched on September 20, 2013. Thus, more than a decade after its launch, the future iPhone 15 series should have the layers of the seventh generation model. This means that the corner of the back edge of the device should be round, not square.

However, according to the whistleblower, Apple should revamp the upcoming iPhone 15, the titanium surface that wears the current iPhone models. It should be noted that this material, which replaced steel from the iPhone 13, is characterized by being lighter in weight. Logically, the upcoming iPhone 15 should not be heavier than its predecessors. However, this rumor should be treated with caution, even if it appears reliable.

Apple can give in to user demands

The leaker of this new iPhone 15 rumor continued his discoveries by specifying that the iPhone 15 will offer a profile similar to that of the Apple 5 C. However, the author seems more confident about the titanium case of the next iPhone than about its rounded back profile. Finally, between the titanium case and the rounded profile, it’s a safe bet that this is the first feature to be confirmed in the coming months. So far, ShrimpApplePro has a great track record when it comes to accuracy in Apple products.

But upon closer inspection, Apple is interested in going back to round borders as before. In fact, many complaints skyrocket after the adoption of square borders, by Apple on its latest MacBook, iPad, and iPhone models. So it is not excluded that Apple has agreed to backtrack to satisfy its users.

Meanwhile, the new iPhone is being unveiled gradually. In the absence of confirmation on the possible name of the different models that will make up the iPhone 15 series, it is expected that the iPhone Pro Max will be replaced by the Ultra version. As for the features and characteristics of the iPhone 15, the next few months will inform us about this topic.

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