Indiana Jones 5, here’s Harrison Ford in an unreleased photo from the set

Anticipation for the latest Indiana Jones movie is building and the two partners, Disney and Lucasfilm, know this all too well, so we should expect many more smaller films in the next eight months. We haven’t seen a trailer yet and plot details are still under wraps, but luckily for us, it’s on its way. Empire magazinewho managed to get his hands on one The first image is from the movie.

We next see her portraying Ford as the character Indiana Jones while on a boat staring at something. It doesn’t look like it’s part of an action sequence, since Indy’s expression is kind of calm, but of course there’s also the constant whiplash that always marks the character, and it’s exactly the kind of image we’re waiting to see as a business card. Here it is to follow.

Only the lucky ones who attended this year’s D23 were able to see the first trailer, but of course filming was strictly prohibited and nothing came out on that occasion.

We don’t know how much of a new movie will result from her TV expansion: earlier this month, Disney + has announced that a series is in the works But, again, no details were provided. All of this has left plenty of room for speculation, and one of the biggest rumors is that Indiana Jones 5 will be the final rendition, meaning that Indy will finally retire and one of the movie’s characters will continue in the new starring role. The rumors came to fruition after Ford revealed that he would be done with the character for good after the fifth film.

Who will be the one to take the whip and the hat instead of Ford? So far, the best candidate appears to be Phoebe Waller Bridge (Fleabag), and we’ll have to wait for the trailer to come out for more confirmation. Indiana Jones 5 is directed by two-time Academy Award nominee James Mangold, who previously directed it Logan. Indiana Jones 5 will hit theaters on June 30, 2023.

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