In Scotland there are over 400 different ways of referring to “snow”

Scotland is a region steeped in history and culture, with a strong and proud people who are able to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the region. The heights in these places are, in fact, harsh, remote, mountainous, cold and snowy … So the inhabitants who live here have Over 400 different terms to talk about.

New research into the history of the Scots language seems to have discovered more than 400 words associated with Scots (can you eat them, by the way?). As reported by The Guardian, in 2015 A.J Document to record every word ever used In the history of the Scots language which led to the discovery of many curiosities.

During the compilation, 421 snow-related words, and even one, were revealed A word denoting those who choked on soft matter:[s]now beaver”. Obviously, these terms are not necessarily in common use today and may be unfamiliar to most of the population.

However, there are good reasons why all these diverse words were created, as linguistics expert from the University of Glasgow, Dr Susan Rennie, tells the Guardian: “The number and variety of words in the language shows how important our ancestors communicated about the weather, which could easily have affected their livelihoods.“.

Looking at the topic, do you know that there is a very special phenomenon called “snowcake”?

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