In return for the expensive energy, Haier is speeding up the integration between connected devices and the electricity grid

The increase in electricity costs, which is expected to never return to pre-2021 levels in the next few years, is a strain on household budgets, but also An opportunity to accelerate the exploitation of the potential of connected devicesThe proliferation of local (photovoltaic) power plants and the emergence of energy communities. Haier is convinced of this, even with the Candy and Hoover brands, it has installed 15 million smart devices in Europe alone, 5 million of which are already connected to the Internet, with a market share of about 50%. Connected devices not only allow access to advanced features that provide savings in consumption and improve energy efficiency in daily use, but also to interact with the energy supplier and in particular to reduce billing costs, optimizing the use of home appliances according to energy costs in different time periods. in this meaning, Haier today introduced two new partnerships, respectively with Edison Energia and Hive Power.

With Smart Solar and Edison Energia, Haier appliances will start at the right time

In the first case, it is an initiative aimed at customers who have installed the Edison photovoltaic system, which sees Launching within Haier Group’s IoT hOn platform for the new Smart Solar function. Thanks to Smart Solar, the Edison platform will be able to coordinate by starting connected appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and later also air conditioners and heat pumps, in order to make the most of self-consumption and energy from the electricity grid in periods of time when energy costs are lower.

From left: Marco Adriano Landoni – Director of Business Development and Innovation at Edison Energia SpA, Benvenuto Pogliani – Head of Business Development for IoT Ecosystems, Energy, Vitality and Services, Haier Europe, Gianluca Corbellini – CEO of Hive Power, Gianpiero Morbello – Head of Brand and IOT Haier Europe.

again through the hOn app, Soon all users will be able to enter the details of their tariff plan related to the supply of electricity, In order to program the startup of the hardware when the energy cost is lower, but in the specific case of Edison, the utility platform and Haier platform will be discussed automatically. According to Haier, the Smart Solar function will ensure energy savings of up to 70%, charging devices in the morning, and letting the platform’s AI decide the best time to start them based on your system’s output and costs. of force.

The news concerns not only owners of photovoltaic systems. “Abroad, we are experimenting with integration with hourly pay systems that allow household appliances to operate while taking into account the electricity market and relevant hourly rates that see fluctuations of up to 300% on the same day.” Benvenuto Pogliani, Head of Business Development for IoT and Energy Ecosystems, Capabilities and Services at Haier Europe explained.Through hOn we talk to the customer asking him to be willing to not allow the devices to work in certain time periods. The customer will be rewarded and compensated in the invoice.”.

Towards the era of energy societies

With ARERA promising to finalize the regulatory framework for self-consumption in energy communities by the end of the year, 2023 should be a turning point in Italy for those who choose to assemble their own power plants. The partnership that Haier also initiated with Hive Power, the Swiss company that developed the Flexo smart grid management platform, fits into this sense. Again the key is The possibility of remote control of connected devices in order to optimize the use of energy produced from renewable sources within energy communities. The Hive platform makes it possible to regulate energy production and demand, in order to promote self-consumption, optimal use of storage systems (including electric vehicles with vehicle-to-grid function), and ultimately reduce energy costs for energy people. Society, which will have the opportunity to know in real time on smartphone applications how much they save thanks to the smart use of home appliances. Specifically, Haier Europe will provide smart devices to some energy communities as part of the European Horizon project.

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