In-depth sleep tracking with Fitbit Premium arrives on Pixel Watch

The news of the Pixel Watch does not stop, the device with which Google finally entered the smartwatch market. After the first update distributed by Google, they arrived More news.

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In fact, in the past few hours, Google has started distributing one New feature for Pixel watch. We are talking about Sleep profileThe In-depth sleep tracking Which is provided thanks to Support Services Fitbit.

The Sleep Profile function provides evaluation linear Monitor each user’s sleep. This is done by analyzing, evaluating and By combining several parameters Such as number of sleep times, duration of sleep, rest, REM sleep, and sleep interruptions.

Once the profile has been evaluated, the user will be assigned a profile Actor badgeconsist of a animal specific. A sleep profile is created for each user, and updated later, at the beginning of each month.

Generation requires the user to wear the smartwatch all night 14 days at least.

Google announced the news on its official blog and reports that all Pixel Watch users have They were wearing it Smart watch at least 14 nights within a month October They will be able to refer to their sleep profile from now on From November 22.

To get the sleep mode functionality, you must be a user Subscribe to Fitbit Premium. The service is granted Free about the former 6 months To all of you who have purchased a Pixel Watch.

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