“In 20 years of career I had never seen that!”

An 11-month-old baby was found with 0.15 grams of alcohol in his blood – equivalent to an alcoholic coma – in a dilapidated house in France. Traces of cannabis were also found in his urine, says Est-Eclair.

His two brothers, aged 4 and 5, were also neglected and prostrate when the police arrived: “When I opened the file, I was shocked by the photo taken by the gendarmes that shows us what we lawyers don’t always In 20 years of career I had never seen that!” Drouilly pleaded with me in court.

The three children were entrusted to their uncle, Stéphane, by their mother who had left for Portugal for three weeks. However, Stéphane was known for his alcohol problems and his addiction to cannabis.

One evening the man was the victim of an accident while he was running an errand. He informed the emergency services that three children were staying with him. The police then went to his home to discover the horror. ” The baby’s condition was so alarming that he was sent to the children’s ward of Reims. A 30-day ITT for a baby
! said the lawyer.

Stéphane was sentenced to 3 years in prison, including 9 months with an enhanced probationary period.

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