“I’m less worried than after the game against Egypt” (video)

Devil captain Eden Hazard reacted to our colleagues from RTL sport after the match. ” Relief. Relief. Thanks to Thibaut, for one and thanks to Michy for the goal. It wasn’t easy (…) It was complicated. I want to point out that they have a very good team, I think they will have a lot of problems cause. In the first half we couldn’t bother them. We have to do better, we have to have more possession. It’s up to us to work hard to get better in the next game. Personally, some are very good, some are less good. All in all it was a good 60 minutes on my part. I felt good, it bodes well for the future.”

‘Less worried than after the game against Egypt’

He had also analyzed his match at the microphone of the RTBF. “Good, but I can do better, I lost a few balls than usual, if I’m good I don’t lose. I’m less worried than after the game against Egypt, even though it wasn’t terrible here. But the three points will help to keep improving against Morocco.”

“We are a close-knit group, always have been, no matter what. It’s the strength of the team. We had a great time with this group and others will follow. I appreciated the encouragement of my teammates when I was substituted. The most important thing for him is a goal or an assist? “It’s not important, Eden Hazard who wins is better.”

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