iliad Black Friday: FLASH 120 costs less, offer from € 9.99 has more gigabytes

Black Friday Eliade He leaves a day early (our day has already begun!) and arrives with a double surprise: first and foremost 120 piratesOffer valid until December 15th with unlimited minutes, SMS and 120 GB in 4G at 7.99 euros per month, to which an important change is added to At 9.99 euros With 5G built in that is as of today 150 GB. Both offers are valid forever by their subscribers, do not include hidden costs and are opt-in also By already iliad customers who want to increase their available GIGA.

The Iliad FLASH 120 and GIGA 150 can be activated on the iliad website or via Simboxes of shops and corners throughout Italy.

We mention the Iliad offers that can be activated with the possibility of changing the number or activating a new one:

  • flash 120: Offer link
  • Data 300: 300 GB internet + 12 GB data in Europe – Offer link
  • 150 GB: Unlimited calls and texts + 150 GB internet + 9 GB data in Europe – Offer link
  • audio only: Unlimited Calls & Texts + 40MB of Data – Offer Link
  • Fiber Width 5 Gb/s: Unlimited Fiber Internet up to a total of 5 GB/sec – Offer Link

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