Ilaria D’Amico is a flop and the public wants her out, what’s new about being cancelled?

Ilaria D’Amico flops and risks canceling his programme, what’s newHow will it end? All the work and changes that have been done in recent days to allow the presenter to bring the desired (or at least decent) result were not enough and now Rai2 is in danger of being really big, or almost.

a program Ilaria D’Amico It was set on Thursday evening in prime time, but the fluctuations, a weak 3% at their debut (and then dropping below two percentage points), put Rai2’s top management in crisis: is everything ready to cut the connector? According to what Dagospia reveals, it seems that Antonio Di Bella will have the task of making the final decision on the fate of the program and given the average stake of 1.65% in the face of high costs (only the presenter takes 13 thousand euros per episode), what will be the solution?

Someone is talking about a possible postponement to late evening what’s new While others still hope and dream of a permanent cancellation to avoid further losses, how will it end? The public of Rai continues to boycott D’Amico’s program especially after his recent statements, as a guest at Cartabianca, in terms of citizen income and politics. And so, will there be a cut to your program or will it be rehashed again, maybe cut a little bit to be moved to a later evening? We’ll only find out in the next few days.

at the moment what’s new It is still scheduled for Thursday evening, then we will understand during construction what and when the course of Ilaria D’Amico will change on TV.

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