iFixit explains how and why a smartphone battery can explode

Although we hear about it from time to time Exploding smartphonesHowever, it is a phenomenon that is very rare, fortunately, but the staff of I attach it decided to pay him some attention to understand what could cause this type of accident.

And so, on the official channel on YouTube, iFixit has published an interesting video with which it reviews some of the errors that could cause it the explosion of a lithium-ion battery or in any case could produce flames.

What iFixit learned about exploding batteries

Before proceeding, it is worth remembering that doing what the testers did in the video is absolutely not recommended, since exploding the batteries (or in any case even the simple attempt) is an extremely dangerous action.

Despite this, the people at iFixit wanted to try to find an answer to a very common question: why can a battery explode?

iFixit specifically focused on those Creating a “thermal runaway” B. in smartphone batteries if they are punctured by metallic materials, which can happen with a certain frequency when repairing a phone.

The metal in question breaks down the various insulating layers of the battery, breaking down the barrier between the positive and negative layers, and this creates a short circuit that will ignite in the presence of air.

There are several aspects to assess and one of the most important is the state of charge of the battery: the more charged it actually is, the easier it is for the battery to catch fire and, in some cases even explode, on contact with a metallic material. while if not very charged it might just emit smoke.

If you want to know more about the tests iFixit performed on the batteries of some smartphones and laptops, all you have to do is sit back and watch the video below:

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