“I killed her for my honour.” The phone call frames Saman’s father

There are many clues that led the investigators to formulate the murder charge against the relatives Simon Abbas. There are firsthand statements: those of her boyfriend, Saqib, who tipped off the police because of a request Saman had made to him before he disappeared, and the testimonies of the girl’s young brother, who said he had attended a family reunion that was planned. Honor killings.

But one of the most shocking clues is thewiretapping phoneOn June 6, 2021, just over a month after the disappearance of the 18-year-old father Shabar AbbasBack in Pakistan, he spoke with a half-brother who had stayed behind in Novellara, the city in Emilia-Romagna where the family lived and worked.

On the phone call, Shabbar asks who spoke: The man appears convinced that it was a member of the extended family or the Pakistani community who exposed the honor killing. During the conversation, which was partially broadcast, by the way Fourth degreeas well as bad words tend towards supposed words informants. But the most chilling words are those that Shabar utters firmly: “Once you realize, think about it. I have nothing more important than my honor. Remember that: the first thing. The second thing: if someone keeps talking bad about me, I won’t leave you alone, no one else. I left my son there, and my daughter was also killed. I do not care about any body“.

It is possible that these objections would not have been as effective if it had been the case of the young Pakistani woman who objected forced marriage It has not reached a turning point. Indeed, in recent days, Shabar, who was on the run, has been arrested in Pakistan: he is waiting to find out if he will be extradited to stand trial in Italy.

Moreover, for a year and a half there was no definitive evidence of Saman’s death. But now, apparently on the advice of his uncle Danish Hassanein, believed to be the physical executor of the killing, digs up human remains in an abandoned farmhouse in Novellara. The girl’s body is important evidence for the whole affair, especially since relatives have always claimed that Saman had fled to Belgium.

However, the mother is still on the run Nazia Shaheen, who left Italy aboard the Chapar for Pakistan the day after her daughter went missing. “For us, Saman’s mother remains important – commented the lawyer Barbara Iannocelli In support of the Penelope Society – She met his end. She was joking with her daughter before escorting her to the executioners. I made her come home. Saman reported her papers missing, so she had no reason to go home. He did it for my mom. And she spoke with the other son, and wanted to persuade him to desist from any co-operation. We want Nazia!“.

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