“I had to wash my 3-year-old son with wet baby wipes”

Jess didn’t know, and yet. Only after energy company OVO Energy cut off its gas did she discover that she had debts. The 20-year-old mother is five months pregnant and has been without gas for a long week, reports The Hull Live. She could no longer bathe her three-year-old son, so he had to wash the boy with wet baby wipes.

When she discovered she owed the company money, Jess was asked to pay the total amount of the debt. As a single, this was not immediately possible for him. She therefore agreed to put in a budget meter. Unfortunately for her, things didn’t go as planned…

“When I filled up at the beginning of the week I put in £10 and they took £7, leaving me with £3 that didn’t even last a night. Then they did it again the next day and took an extra £7 so I contacted them as they said I could refund up to £4 per week. I then put in my last £36 for the month, and they took £26, leaving me £10. I called them and explained to them that I had nothing else to wear,” the young mother complains.

Jess was promised a visit from an engineer. Only after complaints from our British colleagues did someone from the company arrive on site. He erased the care of the godmother who immediately took money to pay off the debt and gave her £20 in emergency credit.

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