Huawei’s anti-foldable smartphone appears in new images

While the fans are waiting for the launch of Xiaomi 14, which should now be right around the corner, photos Xiaomi’s mysterious foldable smartphone Now cancelled. The device has a significant peculiarity: its screen, in fact, folds out.

The smartphone has been leaked by the developer and dropout Kuba Wojciechowski on Twitterbut the Mail The original has been deleted by the author. It is not clear if there is a reason behind the deletion of the photos Xiaomi’s own handsbut it is certain that the device demonstrated by Kuba has been in progress for some time at the Beijing giant.

In terms of design and form factor, the no-name Xiaomi phone was supposed to be similar to the Huawei Mate X, which is currentlyUnique “fold out” smartphone In the market. The peculiarity of the smartphone, of course, is that its flexible screen is located on the outside and covers the device from almost all sides, and not from the inside, as is the case for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and OPPO Find No.

The advantage of this approach is clearly Reduce the thickness of the smartphone And the number of screens used: while i foldable Wallets have two different screens, one external and one internal fold-out, while the “outside” fold-over wallet has only one display.

Not only that: the Xiaomi smartphone should have been a beast of power in the period when it was scheduled to be launched. We are actually talking about a device doing Snapdragon 856 SoC and 5G X50 ModemEquipped with four rear cameras. The prototype shown also appears to be in an advanced stage of development, as the batteries and internal circuitry now appear to be complete. It’s not clear why Xiaomi didn’t eventually release the device.

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