Huawei Watch D arrives in Italy: blood pressure measurement and ECG!

After starting at home, the brand’s much-discussed medical wearable finally arrives here too. Huawei watch D – with medical certification – is the company’s first wrist device dedicated to the management and analysis of cardiac activity through implementation at the hardware level: here are all announcements and the Price for Italy!

Official Huawei Watch D in Italy: the innovative smartwatch for precise blood pressure measurement in real time

Huawei watch D

Thanks to Huawei watch Dmonitoring of health parameters is simple and effective: With just one touch you can measure blood pressure and ECG anywhere, in real time and directly on your wrist (all with a light weight of only 40.9 grams).

L’innovative technology The presence of the device causes the Watch D to use a mini-pump that electrically inflates an air chamber to put pressure on the arteries in the wrist and accurately measure blood pressure. A choice for those users who need a daily ally in health care.

Huawei watch D

L’hypertension It’s the world’s most common chronic disease, with billions of people requiring close blood pressure monitoring and long-term medication to keep the body in check. The new wearable from Huawei done quickly and accurately the measurement of the main parameters blood pressure and cardiac activity.

In addition, the Huawei Watch D is also a smartwatch for precise heart rate measurement. The device is equipped with a module a sensor ECG High performance supporting logging of related data, capable of creating charts and reports Detect atrial fibrillation and sinus rhythm.

Huawei watch D

Obviously, there is no lack of sleep monitoring, blood oxygenation (SpO2), stress levels and even the detection of temperature Skin. All with over 70 training modes and an autonomy up to 7 days.

The new Huawei Watch D is available in Italy at a price of €399.9 with the scale 3 free and €50 off your purchase until November 30th. For all the details of the wearable, here’s ours deepening dedicated!

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Until November 30th – €50 discount and Season 3 as a gift

The product is sold and shipped from Huawei official store

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