How to watch germany and japan broadcast outside italy

Sunday, November 20, 2022 officially started FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Despite the many controversies and discussions that characterize this event, all football fans want to enjoy every match among the most anticipated matches. One of them is right Germany and Japan.

Kick-off will be called tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, 2022At 14:00. This match is valid for Group E stage. It will be broadcast free to air opinion 2, via digital terrestrial broadcasting or TivùSat. If you are inabroad It is impossible for you to see it this way, but do not despair because there is a solution.

Al-Rai allows all of its users to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup through its platform Ray play. Then you will be able to enjoy Germany and Japan in Stream, even in 4K quality. However, there is another problem to be solved: the imposed geographical restrictions. In fact, if you are outside Italy, you do not have access to Rai Play.

But that is what AtlasVPN is for. This is Good Idea VPN networks Which, thanks to its daily updated servers, allows you to bypass any restrictions, even the most complex ones, to watch all your favorite content from anywhere in the world. You will basically have a connection without restrictions With a free internet connection.

How to set up AtlasVPN to watch Germany and Japan from abroad

Now let’s see how to setup Atlas VPN to see Germany and Japan from the outside in the flow. Needless to say, these instructions apply to all VPNs. So if you are already subscribed to another provider, you will only have to duplicate it, following the settings of your app ecosystem.

First on you to install AtlasVPN app on the device you want to stream Qatar 2022 matches from abroad. accordingly sign in With the account used during registration when purchasing one of the available subscriptions. Then select a file Italian server Among those listed. Finally, turn on the VPN.

Then download and install Ray play on your device. Log in with your account, or if you don’t have one, register a new one. Once the streaming platform is activated, you can watch with ease Germany and Japan From anywhere, your connection will be in Italy thanks to the AtlasVPN server.

active now Atlas VPN Take advantage of the current Black Friday offer. You get two years 6 months for free For only €1.45 per month. Your connection will be 100% anonymous, optimized for streaming even in 4K, with no ads and no geo-restrictions or censorship.

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