How to transfer files between two smartphones via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is used to connect smartphones to everything from wireless headphones to connected bracelets and hands-free kits. But this Bluetooth technology also remains and above all is a great solution for transferring files between two smartphones!

File transfer over Bluetooth on Android

First, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both android smartphone !

  1. [設定]in the section[ワイヤレス コントロール]or[ワイヤレス接続]and open[Bluetooth]Check the box. Your phone then searches for compatible connected devices nearby. I need to be able to see his second phone, which is also Bluetooth enabled.
  2. In the same “Wireless Connections” section, check “Make Visible”. This forced visibility lasts for about 2 minutes, but continues logically once pairing is enabled.
  3. Next, you will be asked for a 4-digit code. Defaults to ‘0000’, ‘1111’, ‘1234’, or whatever is shown in the device manual. Of course, you have to enter the same code on both devices.
  4. Then select the files you want to transfer. Press and hold to select Send via Bluetooth or Share via Bluetooth. If multiple smartphones are paired to the remote controller, select the target device.

File transfer over Bluetooth on iOS

  1. upon iphonethe application must be installed share it, Available for free on the AppStoreon both devices.
  2. Then when the application is launched, the latter automatically iphone Available nearby (whoever receives the file must accept the connection).
  3. in the interface of SHAIREitclick share Select the files you want to transfer (photos, contacts, etc.).

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with iOS via Bluetooth android is still irrelevant. A Wifi connection is essential for sharing files between these two operating systems. Nothing beats Airdrop to transfer data between his two iPhones!

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